Non Destructive Testing Solutions For Industries

Portable Hardness Tester
Bench Hardness Tester
Universal Testing Machine
(Leeb Rebound, UCI, Rockwell)    
Industrial X-ray Radiography Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Phased Array/TOFD Machine TOFD Probes/Wedges/Caliper Coating Thickness Gauge
Surface Roughness Tester Stainless Steel Oxide Scale Detector Industrial X-ray Film Scanner
Eddy Current Conductivity Meters Eddy Current Machine Holiday Detector
Concrete Thickness gauge/Flaw Detector   Digital Densitometer
Wire Rope Inspection Systems   Ferrite Meter
UV Lamp & LED UV Lights Panels   Industrial Film Viewers
Industrial Endoscope/Borescope   Magnetic Particle Instruments
UT Probes (TR, Normal, Angle, Immersion)
& Screw In Wedge type Probes
  UT Cables/Connectors/Test Blocks
  Dark Room Accessories  
Penetrameters/IQI Lead Letters Penetrameters/IQI Lead Intensifying Screens
Remote Infrared film Dryer unit X-Ray Film Developing Tank Automatic Film Processor Constant Temp. Film Processor
Humidity and Moisture measuring Instruments Temperature Measuring Instruments Thermal Imaging Cameras
Environment and Special measuring devices Electrical Meters Electronics Scanners
Slope Indicators Distance Meters Professional Cross-Line Lasers
Rotary Lasers Automatic Levelling Instruments Accessories for Laser and Levelling Devices
( Tripods, Levelling staffs,  Fasteners)
Metallographic Equipment
(Automatic Grinding-Polishing Machine)